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Is Harvard offering tuition-free education to African-American students majoring in the sciences?

Published Mar 27, 2010


Claim:   Harvard is offering tuition-free education to African-American students majoring in the sciences.


Example:   [Collected via e-mail, June 2009]


A quick note about an exciting scholarship opportunity

In case you know anyone who might be interested...

Harvard University wants to get the word out the University has a massive science endowment for African American (High School Juniors/Seniors) who are interested in majoring in the sciences, Chem, Biology, Physics etc. A four year tuition free education at Harvard Univ. (regardless of parents income)! The professor to contact for more info. is:

Professor Gregory Tucci,

If you know any African American junior or senior students who excel and are passionate for the sciences please pass along this info


Origins:   This item promoting a "massive science endowment" that supposedly provides "four year tuition free educations" for African-American science students at Harvard has been circulating since at least mid-2009 and has been reprinted in a number of online bulletins and newsletters that publish information about educational opportunities. Although Harvard does provide a number of financial aid opportunities that prospective students might qualify for, a completely tuition-free, four-year program for African-American students majoring in the sciences is not among them, according to the professor whose name, address, and phone number have been attached to this item:

Thank you very much for your interest in financial support for students interested in the sciences at Harvard University. Unfortunately the information you received regarding "four year tuition free education ... regardless of parent's income" appears to be a hoax.

Additionally, I am not involved in admissions or financial aid.

Harvard has very generous financial aid support for all students who qualify on the basis of need. On a very positive note, families with incomes below $60,000 need not contribute to the cost of sending their children to Harvard. Further, families with incomes up to $180,000 with assets typical for the income level need not pay more than 10 percent of their incomes. No student should be discouraged from applying to Harvard because of financial concerns. The Financial Aid Office is always eager to work with talented students to make sure they receive the financial support that will make a Harvard education possible for them. For more information, please visit the financial aid web site: https://www.fao.fas.harvard.edu/, or call 617-495-1581.

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