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Hank Williams, Jr. Endorses Hillary Clinton

A fake news item reported that famously conservative musician Hank Williams Jr. had endorsed Hillary Clinton for President.

Published June 23, 2016

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Musician Hank Williams Jr. has endorsed Hillary Clinton for president.

On 15 June 2016, the Nevada County Scooper published an article reporting that musician Hank Williams Jr. had endorsed Hillary Clinton for President of the United States — an act that would have been quite surprising, given that Williams has long been politically involved with the Republican Party:

Country music artist Hank Williams Jr., son of legend Hank Williams, has made a startling announcement. Williams has withdrawn his support for Republican candidate Donald Trump, and endorsed Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton. The move shocks Williams fans all over the nation.

The article was just piece of fabricated clickbait, though. The Nevada County Scooper is a fake news web site, as its disclaimer notes:

The Scooper is a satirical website is in scope and intent. Sometimes it’s funny; often it is not. We provide fake news and social criticism in a satirical setting. Our intention is not to fool or trick anyone, but obviously it happens. We firmly believe that you can soften a person’s willingness to listen by injecting irony, and yes sometimes humor, into the conversation.

Although Hank Williams Jr. has not endorsed Hillary Clinton for president, as of this writing the country music star has not pledged his support for GOP candidate Donald Trump either, telling Rolling Stone in February 2016:

"'What about the election?' they say. I say, 'I don't give a shit about the election, I've got a smash CD coming out!'" Williams tells Rolling Stone Country.

Dan Evon is a former writer for Snopes.

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