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Hackers List Virus

Has your MSN screen name been added to the 'Hackers List'?

Published Feb 14, 2002

Claim:   Your MSN screen name has been added to the 'Hackers List.'

Status:   Hoax.

Example:   [Collected on the Internet, 2002]

Your Screen Name has Been Added to the ***** Hackers List! Here is how we work. Because we master MSN, everytime this letter is sent out a copy is also instantly send to us. We then scan out all the names, and place them on our hackers list. Once you send out this letter 10 times your name again is instantly removed from our list. If this letter is not sent out exactly 45 minutes after you have opened it your name will not be able to be removed from our hacking list. Here is what happened when your name is stuck on the ***** hackers list.

-Your MSN Instant messenger password is pulled out of MSN'S files. Stupidly MSN stores your password on a password access website. We have cracked the password needed and have access to every account except for MSN guides (cat guides). We gain your credit card number, social security number, and home address.

-Your credit card information and home address is stored at the MSN site and with that we can gain your social security number. Everytime you sign on HOTMAIL, OR MSN INSTANT MESSENGER your account will be messed around with and much, much more with the power of ***** hackers.

-Don't believe this? We don't care at all because not following the directions given will harm you in over 10 ways. All you have to do is send this out to 10 people and you will never have to worry about this again. If you receive this letter again after sending it out you don't need to send it out again, because your name is not able to be put back on.

-Why are we doing this? It is to get back at MSN, and we are taking action.

Editor's note: We replaced the garbage characters from the original e-mail with ***** in the above example because most browsers wouldn't have been able to make sense of them.

Origins:   Versions of this goofy leg-pull have been around since 1998. Every now and again, someone thinks to dust it off by changing a few details and then fires it out for another round. Currently, this one says it's aimed at MSN, but earlier versions were titled "AOL RIOT" and ended with the claim it was "to get back at AOL, and we are taking action."

There is no such list, and there is no such threat. It's all a game, with the intent of making the panicked forwarder look foolish by getting him to send admissions of his gullibility to ten of his dearest friends.

Barbara "hack job" Mikkelson

Last updated:   27 January 2008


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