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Did Fox News Host Greg Gutfeld Sing 'I Gotta Pee' Live On Air?

"The joys of live television," co-host Shannon Bream added.

Published March 13, 2021

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In March 2021, Fox News host Greg Gutfeld sang "I gotta pee" live on air.

In March 2021, video footage emerged online that appeared to show Fox News host Greg Gutfeld, apparently unaware he was live on air, singing to himself "I gotta pee."

Oliver Darcy, a reporter who covers the media for CNN, posted a short clip to Twitter on March 12. The footage shows the beginning of the "One More Thing" segment on "The Five," a panel discussion show that airs on weekdays at 5 p.m. EST. The clip features co-hosts Juan Williams, Jesse Watters, and Gutfeld, along with Katie Pavlich and Shannon Bream.

Williams says, "Time now for 'One More Thing,'" but is quickly cut off by Gutfeld loudly singing to himself, "I gotta pee, I gotta pee." Amid a tense silence from the other presenters, Watters tells Gutfeld, "You're on the air."

The clip was widely shared on Twitter and formed the basis of articles by People and TMZ.

The footage was authentic and unedited, and Gutfeld really did sing "I gotta pee" live on air. The incident took place during the March 12, 2021, episode of "The Five." The original footage can be viewed on Fox News' own website, here.

Gutfeld appeared to be unaware that he was on air while he sang to himself. Later in the segment, he discussed a photograph of cats sitting behind a litter box and the following exchange ensued:

Watters: Maybe you could use that cat's litter box if you have to pee so badly.
Gutfeld: How did you know I had to pee?
Watters: You said it on the air.
Gutfeld: [Laughs] I did?

"The joys of live television," co-host Bream added.

Gutfeld, who also hosts his own Fox News show on Saturday nights, later acknowledged the episode on Twitter, writing: "Yes I peed."

Dan Mac Guill is a former writer for Snopes.

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