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Got You Virus

Information about the 'Got You' worm.

Published Sep 10, 2003

Virus name:   Got You.

Status:   Hoax.

Example:   [Collected on the Internet, 2003]


If you were dumb enough to open this email then you will find a WORM has executed itself through your mailbox and by the time you read this into your hard-drive. This is PAYBACK for the Virus you disguised in the email you sent to us recently which destroyed our hard-drive and back-up system. This costs us thousands of dollars and we lost a lot of irreplaceable files on our system.

Now it's your turn to have your computer infected. This WORM it is undetectable by AntiVirus software and it will drive your computer crazy because it's always hiding and causing havoc in your system. Using your computer recovery disks will not remove the problem cause it still stays on your computers Motherboard. This will proabably cost you a new computer and I sincerely hope this teaches you a lesson not to send people nasty viruses again.

Evocash Administration Inc.
Phone: +1 767 4499922
Fax: +1 767 4499922


Origins:   Evocash, a digital currency transfer service, has been battling a collection of scammers known as the ICafe group. ICafe has responded by spamming the Internet with abusive e-mail messages forged to look as though they were being mailed out by Evocash itself. The message quoted above is one such example, a malicious prank which has caused a great deal of consternation to its recipients.

None of the copies of this message which we've received directly or had forwarded to us by recipients has included any type of worm or virus (much less one which could "stay on your computers Motherboard"), or has come with an attachment of any sort. This message appears to be nothing but a hoax intended to harm the business of a third party.

Last updated:   27 January 2008


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