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Is Google's 'G-Spot' a Real Product?

And is it hard to find?

Published Jan 30, 2023

 (Obi Fidler / Behance)
Image Via Obi Fidler / Behance
A Google product designed to compete with Apple's AirTag and Samsung's SmartTag is named the "G-Spot."

A professional-looking — but fan-created — ad for a new Google product, Google G-Spot, resulted in a (since deleted) Reddit post with over a thousand upvotes.

The claim associated with that post was that "Google's air tag is called the G spot" and that it was designed to compete with the small, personal-tracking devices created by Apple (AirTag) and Samsung (SmartTag).

Search the internet as thoroughly as you want, though, and you will not find Google's G-Spot. That is because this purported product exists only as a tongue-in-cheek concept ad created by Italian graphic designer Obi Fidler.

As Fidler explained on his studio's Instagram account, "I had a go myself at designing a Googley smart tracker with a sarcastic twist to it." The ad received coverage in several tech and design media outlets.

Because these ads do not come from Google and because there is no product created by Google named the G-Spot, the claim is "False."



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