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Gary Sinise Tweets Hillary Clinton About Guns

An image showing a Twitter conversation between Hillary Clinton and Gary Sinise about guns is fake.

Published Aug 11, 2016

Actor Gary Sinise posted a witty retort after Hillary Clinton tweeted a message about gun control.

On 9 August 2016, the Facebook page "American Proud" posted an image purportedly showing a tweet by Hillary Clinton concerning gun control followed by a witty retort from Gary Sinise (a politically conservative actor):

Hillary Clinton: If Republicans put so much faith in the Hand of God, why do they need guns?

Gary Sinise: Because we don't trust Democrats.

Neither of the above-quoted comments is real. Hillary Clinton did not question on Twitter why Republicans need guns when they have God, and Gary Sinise did not assert that the reason was because they don't trust Democrats.

These messages don't appear on either the presidential candidate's or the actor's  Twitter timelines. While it's possible that the original tweets could have been subsequently deleted, this is highly unlikely since they were supposedly retweeted thousands of times yet we found no links back to the originals.

Furthermore, this purported Twitter conversation matched an image macro posted to Twitter two months earlier:

republicans trust god

It appears that the Facebook page "American Proud" simply re-imagined the above-displayed joke as a conversation between Clinton and Sinise. 

Dan Evon is a former writer for Snopes.

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