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Is the 'Garbage Truck Bursts into Flames' Video Real?

A video shows a garbage truck spewing a liquid and bursting into flames after pulling up to a house for a standard pickup.

Published Sept. 23, 2022

Courtesy: Curotto Can Man/YouTube (Curotto Can Man (YouTube))
Courtesy: Curotto Can Man/YouTube (Image Via Curotto Can Man (YouTube))
A video that shows a Waste Management garbage truck bursting into flames is real and was not staged.

On Sept. 20, 2022, a TikTok channel named @insideedition.official posted a video titled, "Garbage Truck Bursts into Flames." The clip was viewed millions of times and showed a green garbage truck with a Waste Management logo catching on fire shortly after dumping a load of refuse. We soon found that this was a real and legitimate video, with no signs of it being staged.

First, the @insideedition.official TikTok channel was not the "official" account for the entertainment news TV show, "Inside Edition." The real account for the program is @insideedition.

The original "Garbage Truck Bursts into Flames" video was uploaded on YouTube on March 31, 2020:

Readers may be wondering why the person holding the camera was standing in such a perfect spot to record the garbage truck bursting into flames. The reason is simple:

The video was recorded by a YouTuber known as Curotto Can Man, whose YouTube channel includes at least hundreds of videos of various types of garbage trucks in action.

In fact, Curotto Can Man even created a video titled "Garbage Trucks: The Movie" and released it on Christmas Day in 2021.

The holiday gift to garbage truck enthusiasts was described like this:

aka 2021, a year in review. here is a clip of every single truck I filmed in 2021, about 175 trucks crazily enough. I believe this is the longest comp on yt now. this took about 4 hours to upload lol. Other than that, not much to say and if you finish this in one sitting you're a G.

Comment your favorite truck and stuff you would like to see and I will probably post it in January! Also, first person to comment which truck they would like to see more of will get it featured on New Years!

thanks for watching and merry Christmas to all!

We reached out to Curotto Can Man to learn more details about the incident and will update this story if we receive a response.

In sum, yes, the "Garbage Truck Bursts into Flames" video was real and had no signs of being staged.

For further reading, we previously reported on another video that featured a garbage truck violently throwing a woman off of a bench.


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