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Did Gabby Petito Appear in Music Video About Sandy Hook When She Was 14?

The 2013 video was a tribute to the victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre.

Published Sep 30, 2021

Updated Oct 7, 2021
NORTH PORT, FLORIDA - SEPTEMBER 21: A makeshift memorial dedicated to Gabby Petito is located near the North Port City Hall on September 21, 2021 in North Port, Florida. The body of Petito was found by authorities in Wyoming, where she went missing while on a cross-country trip with her fiance, Brian Laundrie. Law enforcement agencies are for searching for his whereabouts. (Photo by Octavio Jones/Getty Images) (Octavio Jones/Stringer)
Image Via Octavio Jones/Stringer
A 14-year-old Gabby Petito appeared in a music video in 2013 that was a tribute to the victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre.

While someone who looks like Gabby Petito does appear to be in the music video, we have not seen an official confirmation from the Petito family or their friends. We will change this rating if we receive more information.

As Gabby Petito became a hashtag during the fall of 2021 after she disappeared on a cross-country trip with her boyfriend and was later found dead, a singer claimed that Petito was part of a music video filmed to commemorate another tragedy that occurred years before.

The music video for the song “Irreplaceable” was sung by Deb Henson and filmed over two days in 2013. It commemorated a December 2012 school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, which resulted in the killing of 20 schoolchildren and six adults at Sandy Hook Elementary. The video shows children holding signs that call on others to “be kind” and say “I deserve a future.”

At around 3:27, we see a young girl drawing, and then holding, a sign saying, “Irreplaceable.” According to Henson, that girl was Petito.

Henson told The Independent that Gabby and her brothers were a part of the video after her stepmother, Tara Petito, gave permission when a mutual friend connected them. At the time, Gabby was only 14 years old.

She added, “Gabby’s an artist, that’s why we had her drawing under the tree in the video. She was destined to do great things. Great things will happen from this.”

Henson also told People magazine: "Working with Gabby was awesome. She was just a sweet girl who wanted to help and be involved. She was full of love for everyone. I think that's why this story has resonated. You can feel her love for life [...] It's profound and ironic that she was in this specific video. Her family are good people and don't deserve such agony and tragedy, no one does. I know her family will find the positive eventually and do great things in the name of Gabby.”

The funeral home where Gabby’s memorial service took place uploaded a video of photographs of her over the years that was put together by her family.

We should also note that Gabrielle Petito, her brothers, and her stepmother Tara are mentioned in the credits of the video as well.

We deduced that it is likely the girl in the "Irreplaceable" music video could be Petito, but without official confirmation from her friends or family, we are unable to say for sure. We have reached out to the family friend who originally connected Tara Petito to Henson, and we will update this post if we get more information.

Gabby’s story gained national attention earlier in September after her then-boyfriend Brian Laundrie returned alone from a cross-country trip they were taking together. A few days later, her family reported her as missing. On Sept. 19, 2021, her remains were found in a national park in Wyoming. A few days later, the FBI confirmed that she had been killed by someone. Authorities are still searching for Laundrie, who is considered a person of interest in the case, and was reported missing by his family on Sept. 17, 2021.

Since we have no family member confirming this video as of yet, we rate this claim as “Unproven.”


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Oct. 7. 2021: Added update that Gabby Petito and other family members are named in the end credits of the video.

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