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Fuji World Maps Omit Israel

Is Fuji distributing world maps that omit Israel?

Published Feb 21, 2002

Claim:   Fuji stores are distributing complimentary world maps that omit Israel.

Status:   False.

Example:   [Collected on the Internet, 2002]

Fuji Co. removed Israel from its complimentary world map which is distributed to their customers with a purchase. Yes, in Fuji stores abroad you receive the world map without Israel!!!

According to Fuji, Israel just doesn't exist. It is most likely done to entice Arab customers.

Many Israelis today called for boycott of all Fuji products - film, cameras, batteries etc Luckily - there are alternatives: film - Kodak, Agfa, cameras - Nikon, Olimpus, Samsung, Cannon etc. Do not buy anything made by Fuji and encourage others to do likewise! At least not until they change and apologize.

Also important to note - Subaru is Fuji.

Origins:   E-mails

proclaiming that a particular company has identified Israel as 'Palestine' on a map or directory listing or has omitted Israel entirely — with the purported intent of "courting Arab business" — are not uncommon, although such claims generally turn out to be either inaccurate or the result of mistakes rather than malice or greed. According to Fujifilm, this was yet another example for the "Inaccurate" column:

Fujifilm Statement re: Map Issue

No Fujifilm company or distributor published or distributed a map of the kind we have heard described, and Fujifilm in no way sanctioned the production of such a map.

In looking into the matter, we have learned that a third party wholesaler in the Republique de Cote d'Ivoire (the Ivory Coast) produced a calendar with such a map. They did so on their own initiative, combining the map with our logo without our permission and in violation of our policy regarding the use of the Fujifilm logo.

Fujifilm is greatly disturbed that someone would violate our policies and link our company's good name to something we find unacceptable. As soon as we learned of the problem, corrective action was taken to stop the distribution of these calendars.

Fujifilm appreciates the opportunity to share the actual facts of this matter, and to provide every assurance that Fujifilm is a company of the highest stature and integrity.

(NOTE: Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. is indeed the parent company of Subaru of America, Inc., but despite the similarity in names, it has no affiliation with the Fuji company which manufactures film.)

According to JTA, Fujifilm "says it is very concerned about the issue, and had corporate executives in Japan visit the Israeli consulate there to explain the situation."

A commercial map which does (as of this writing) omit Israel while including Palestine can be found on the dealer locator map for BMW Middle East.

Last updated:   30 November 2007


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