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Four Seasons Total Landscaping Sold Out Concert Tickets

A second concert was added and also sold out.

Published Jul 10, 2021

 (Laura Jane Grace)
Image Via Laura Jane Grace
Tickets to a punk concert at Four Seasons Total Landscaping sold out in 17 minutes.

The Philadelphia landscaping company immortalized by a now-infamous news conference held by then-Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani has transformed itself into an events venue, selling out tickets in minutes for a concert to be held at the site in August 2021.

The Four Seasons confusion began in November 2020, when then-U.S. President Donald Trump was engaged in an aggressive disinformation campaign aimed at undermining the results of the presidential election, which he lost to current President Joe Biden. Trump took to his now-permanently suspended Twitter account to announce there would be a "Lawyers Press Conference at Four Seasons, Philadelphia."

Turns out, it wasn't the ritzy Four Seasons hotel. It was the parking lot of a landscaping company — a parking lot shared with a crematorium and an adult book store — that sparked an internet sensation. Four Seasons Total Landscaping capitalized on its new-found notoriety by launching a line of shirts.

Now, it's the venue for an August 21 punk show starring Laura Jane Grace (the lead singer and guitarist for the band Against Me!) and Brendan Kelly.

Both Grace and Sean Middleton, Four Seasons Total Landscaping director of sales, confirmed the concert sold out in 17 minutes.

Middleton told the Philadelphia Inquirer, "It probably would have sold out faster, but the site kept crashing." Grace posted about it on Twitter, saying because of how fast it sold out she was adding a second show:

If you were thinking of catching the second show, however, that one is also sold out.

Meanwhile, Giuliani's law license was suspended as the result of his false statements alleging the 2020 presidential election was stolen via a massive-scale voter fraud conspiracy — a disinformation campaign that incited the deadly attack on the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021.

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