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Razor Blade Found in Footies

Razor blade discovered in child's footies (footed pajamas) injures baby?

Published March 6, 2012


Claim:   A razor blade discovered in a child's "footies" (footed pajamas) injured a baby.


Example:   [Collected via e-mail, March 2012]

URGENT!!!! ALL mothers please check all sleeper footies!!! We Just spent hours in the ER with Trinity, because of a razor blade in the foot of her new sleeper and someone carelessness or cruelty.. She Got alot of little cuts, 1 pretty good one, the Dr say the big worry is infection because we dont know what the razor was used for. They have it bandaged and wrapped well, we have to watch it close... Please say a prayer for Trinity It was unjust and unfair and should never have happened. MAD, sad,
heartbroken, and thankful, all at the same time as it could have been cut ALot worse.. This was the footie type sleeper we had purchased at walmart.


Origins:   While fanciful stories of danger lurking in consumer goods have long been with us (such as the urban legend about a woman fatally bitten by a venomous snake found lurking in the pocket of her new winter coat), it does indeed happen every now and then that something untoward slips through the quality check process inherent to most manufactured goods, reaches the end consumer, and causes harm. Such was the case in February 2012 of a razor discovered in a child's footed pajamas (sleeper).

On 17 February 2012, 10-month-old Trinity Morgan of Beckley, West Virginia, was injured by a razor blade hidden in a new sleeper purchased from a local Walmart two days earlier. The little girl received several minor cuts and one deep puncture wound to her left foot from contact with the cutting implement but didn't require any stitches. Her wounds were treated with antibiotics and bandaged at a nearby emergency room.

Said Brittany Morgan, Trinity's mother, in a 21 February 2012 statement posted to BabyCenter.com:

Hello I am Trinity's mother and wanted to let you know the story of how this happened. Trinity had an accident and at the time I was washing pretty much every thing she owned and the new sleeper I bought was just laying on her rocker chair beside me so I decide to just slip it on. No she never cryed or acted like anything was up. A little while later she got a little fussy and I went to change her. When I pulled her foot out she started crying and that is when I noticed the razor it came out when I pulled her leg out. I instantly panicied and started to check her legs and foot and that is when I noticed the little cuts and the one pretty good one on the side of her foot. They had all just happened I didn't know there was something like that in there or could even be possible. I would lay down my life for my daughter I love her more than anything in this world and I have cryed and blamed myself enough over this. I would never do anything to hurt this baby! I have not took any legal action and I place no blaim anywhere but if there is some sicko out there... I am just trying to let parents know that dangers like this are out there and can happened. Also My daughter is 10 months old and pushes her own legs in to her sleepers with no trouble at all. Also the ER doctor said even if I would have washed it, chances are in would not have fallin out or worse got caught in some other type of clothing or blanket and caused a much worse cut to her. I am praying that all mothers read this and become aware to check all clothes and blankets and SLEEPERS!!!! Thanks.

How the blade came to reside in a child's footies remains a mystery. According to Walmart spokesperson Dianna Gee, the company's stockers do not use the type of blade found in the child's footed pajamas. The store has contacted the manufacturer and Walmart personnel have inspected all clothing in the baby apparel section, finding nothing that would cause concern.

The sleeper (which was made in Cambodia) was manufactured by Carter's under its "Child of Mine" label.

In a statement to The Charleston Gazette, Carter's said: "The safety and quality of our products have been the hallmark of Carter's and its brands since 1865. As such, the company takes great care to ensure product safety for our customers. This includes rigorous testing and inspection of all products. We are saddened to hear when any child is harmed. This matter has been reported to the proper local authorities and is currently being investigated."

Carter's both apologized to the family and offered to pay for the emergency room visit.

Whether the blade was placed in a child's sleeper deliberately (either in a serious attempt to injure or merely as an ill-judged prank) or was simply one used in the manufacturing plant that by accident found its way into a clothing item produced there is not yet known.

The Morgans say they do not plan to pursue any legal action, but they want to make sure consumers thoroughly check any garment before putting it on.

Barbara "be wear" Mikkelson

Last updated:   6 March 2012


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