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Food Lion $90 Coupon

The Food Lion grocery chain is not offering $90 coupons to Facebook users who click and share links.

Published Aug. 30, 2016

 (Food Lion)
Image Via Food Lion
An online coupon offers shoppers $90 off any purchase in a Food Lion grocery store.

In August 2016, a coupon begin to circulate on the Internet, along with the claim that the grocery chain Food Lion is offering $90 off any purchase at the store with the coupon in-hand. The grocer chain, however, posted to their official Facebook page on 30 August 2016 that the coupon is fraudulent and they have no such offer in place:

We are aware of the $90 Food Lion online coupon that has been circulating on Facebook. This is a fraudulent coupon that is not authorized by our company. We advise all of our fans to avoid clicking or sharing this due to the potential risks that are involved. We apologize to any customers who viewed this as a valid offer, and we are working to have this removed from Facebook as soon as possible.

The link being shared online takes you to a questionnaire page asking if you have ever shopped at the chain. These types of scams are not uncommon. In November 2015, the Better Business Bureau of Pittsburgh alerted customers to a very similar scam involving the big box chain Target (and there are more, involving several other outlets; none are legitimate):  

Posts on Facebook offering a 50 percent off coupon to Target have started popping up in newsfeeds. Clicking on the link to "claim your Target reward" leads you through a series of websites not associated with Facebook or Target, which should draw a red flag.

Food Lion is a North Carolina-based grocery chain operating in the southern United States. The chain does occasionally offer deals, specials and sales but is not giving away what would probably equate to a full week's-worth of shopping in one coupon.

Bethania Palma is a journalist from the Los Angeles area who has been working in the news industry since 2006.