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Did a Florida Woman Catch a Velociraptor on Camera?

Cue "Jurassic Park" theme.

Published Apr 19, 2021

 (Screenshot / WOFL YouTube)
Image Via Screenshot / WOFL YouTube
A woman in Florida caught a velociraptor on her security camera.

A resident of Palm Coast, Florida, caught an unusual-looking animal on her security camera and jokingly told her local TV station that it looked like a "raptor," (short for "velociraptor," a type of dinosaur that flourished around 75 million years ago), sparking a number of headlines to that effect.

"Woman says she filmed a ‘velociraptor’ running through her backyard," a British news outlet's headline reported. The story also prompted a tongue-in-cheek tweet by Universal Orlando Resort, which has a "Jurassic Park" attraction.

It doesn't appear that the woman who caught the footage, Cristina Ryan, seriously meant that she had a velociraptor on camera, however. She spoke to Orlando, Florida-based news station WOFL on April 18, 2021, and stated:

"Any animal we can come up with that would be 'walking' at 3:40 in the morning, wouldn't walk this way. Maybe I've watched 'Jurassic Park' too many times, but I see a raptor or other small dinosaur!"

Ryan said the footage was captured during the week prior to her comments to WOFL at 3:40 a.m.

The footage is grainy, and it's hard to tell for sure, but what appears on her camera to us looks like it might be a dog:

We will update this story if we are able to get a definitive answer as to what the animal is. Dinosaurs went extinct tens of millions of years ago (except in our collective imaginations) so it's safe to say the animal isn't a velociraptor.

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