Yes, a Florida Doctor Performed Surgery on the Wrong Testicle

Some sources falsely reported that the procedure involved removing the testicle altogether.

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A Florida doctor purportedly performed surgery on the wrong testicle confusing left with right.
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A Florida doctor performed a surgical procedure on the incorrect testicle of a patient.


A urologist in Tampa, Florida, performed surgery on a man’s right testicle instead of his left one, according to documents detailing disciplinary action filed by the state’s medical board.

In September 2019, Dr. Raul Fernandez-Cresop performed an operation to remove varicose veins from a patient’s testicle, but marked the wrong one for the procedure and subsequently performed surgery on the incorrect testicle.

Some news sources reported, incorrectly, that the patient’s testicle was removed.

On June 17, 2021, the Florida Board of Medicine fined Fernandez-Crespo $2,500 for performing a surgery on the wrong site, and also charged him $2,045.56 that the health department incurred processing the case.

Stories about botched surgical procedures often go viral, whether true or not. In one example, a makeup artist sculpted an exaggerated piece intended to warn against the dangers of excessive cosmetic surgery, which many viewers online believed to be real. In January 2021, music artist The Weeknd appeared in a music video wearing prosthetics on his face that left many wondering if he had undergone extreme cosmetic surgery.