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Flash Mountain

Do women flash their breasts at the camera in Disneyland's Splash Mountain?

Published April 6, 1997


Claim:   Women

Splash Mountain

flash their breasts at the camera that takes pictures of Splash Mountain riders as they plunge down the final waterfall.

Status:   True.

Origins:   Yes, some women pull up their tops (or have them unexpectedly pulled up by their male companions), exposing their breasts to the camera as they hurtle down the waterfall. No, you won't see these pictures as you exit the ride, because a cast member will prevent them from appearing on the screen. Yes, some of these pictures have been sneaked out and posted on the Internet. No, you won't find them here.

If your party happens to be riding in the same log on Splash Mountain with someone who pulls this stunt, explain the situation to a cast member. You'll usually be escorted to the front of the queue so you can ride Splash Mountain again and purchase the souvenir photo you wanted without having to wait in line all over again.

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Flash Mountain photos
  Flash Mountain photos

Last updated:   23 August 2007

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