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Phil Robertson: Homosexual Behavior Causes Autism?

Rumor: 'Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson said homosexual behavior causes autism.

Published Feb 8, 2015

Claim:   Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson said homosexual behavior causes autism.


Example:   [Collected via email, February 2015]

Did Phil Robertson really say this?


Origins:   On 5 February 2015, an image of Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson was posted to the Facebook page "Stop The World, the Teabaggers Want Off," along with a quote purportedly uttered by him during an appearance on the Fox News Channel's Huckabee program (hosted by former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee) on 2 February 2015:

There wasn't any of this 'autism' before gays started having sex. Think about it. That's no coincidence.


But the Duck Dynasty star said no such thing. The "Stop the World" Facebook group is a satirical one that frequently attributes fictitious quotes to conservative politicians and other public figures, and this spoof conflated a current controversy over a putative connection between autism and vaccinations with a previous controversy over Phil Robertson's remarks regarding homosexuality.

On the same day, the "Stop the World" Facebook group posted a similar fictitious meme about former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin's supposedly having linked
vaccinations with homosexuality.

The group's disclaimer page notes its material is satirical and intended for "entertainment purposes" only:

This page is for entertainment purposes. It is NOT meant to be taken seriously. It is primarily satire and parody with a mix of political memes and messages.


Last updated:   8 February 2015

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