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Are These Real Female Bodybuilders?

Two extremely muscle-bound women in skimpy swimsuits.

Published Nov 10, 2015

A photograph shows two extremely muscular female bodybuilders.

A photograph purportedly showing two extremely muscle-bound women in skimpy swimsuits has been circulating online since at least as far back as May 2015:

muscle bound women

While the above-displayed photograph is often shared as a "real" image of female bodybuilders, the women pictured were actually computer-generated by Deviant artist Andreas Siberis:

"The ripped, jacked, contest tanned, drenched in oil, blonde bombshell is Alexis. Was trying to pull off a photo of a smaller muscle girl being next to a bigger muscle girl; a normal look next to a contest look. The contrast is always amusing to look at."

Siberis, who says that his digital art focuses on "3D Female Muscle and Boobs, and occasionally other things," said that the his bodybuilder image were created with Daz Studio and ZBrush:

The pants were done in Daz Studio actually. Just regular dynamic optitex pants.

I did have to fix them in ZBrush though, the pants kind of went bonkers.

Dan Evon is a former writer for Snopes.

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