A photograph shows a lush green farm in the shadow of a looming, snow-covered mountain. See Example( s )

Collected via Reddit, April 2016

the farm below the mountain




An image purportedly showing a lush green farm thriving in the shadow of a looming, snow-covered mountain has been frequently shared online as if it were a photograph of a real location. However, this picture is actually a composite of at least two different images.

The image of the rural road and farm (without any mountain evident nearby) has been online since at least 2008 and is available as a stock photo offered by RGB Stock:

dark skies

The composite photograph of the “farm below the mountain” was originally published on the web site Deviant Art on 27 June 2008 under the title “Ghost Mountain.” Artist “Caffeine-Romance” confirmed that the image was a composite in the comment section and answered “in my dreams” when asked where the farm- was located.

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