IKEA Is Selling a Swastika-Shaped Table

A photograph of a swastika-shaped table actually captures the work a Berlin-based artist and not an actual IKEA furniture product.

Image via Jeff Blind


The IKEA furniture chain is selling a swastika-shaped table.

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On 11 December 2015, German news outlets reported that a photograph purportedly showing a new Swastika table from IKEA had started circulating on the internet:

ikea swastika

The above-displayed image was posted along with the claim that the “Hadølf” Swastika table was being sold for 88 (which stand for “HH,” an abbreviation for “Heil Hitler”) euros by IKEA. But that is not the case. The retailer released a statement shortly after the image went viral:

“It is of course clear that such a table is not part of our program, either in Italy or anywhere else.”

While the above-displayed table is not being sold by IKEA, the image does show a real table.

In 2011, Berlin-based artist David Roze created a “Swastika Table” featuring a mirror image of a swastika as well as words such as as “peace” and “prosperity” written along its edges:

swastika art

Other examples of his work include a Nike “swoosh table,” an “IGLO Igloo,” made out of boxes from frozen food seller IGLO, and a Smart Car filled with Smarties.

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