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McDonald's Creates Nutella Burger

The fast food chain McDonald's has a new Nutella-filled pastry, but it's available only in Italy.

Published Dec. 13, 2016

 (McDonald's Italy)
Image courtesy of McDonald's Italy
McDonald's has a burger filled with Nutella.

In November 2016, the fast food giant McDonald's introduced a pastry called the "Sweety con Nutella," which is essentially two buns filled with the hazelnut-cocoa filling, Nutella.

The dessert, however, is only available in Italy, as Nutella is a popular spread primarily in Europe. While (perhaps thankfully) there is no meat in the item, not everyone was impressed, with food blog Eater calling it "ungodly":

Because nothing in this world is sacred — especially not fast food — McDonald’s unleashed its latest unholy experiment in processed calorie engineering on Italy this week. This time instead of drizzling carbohydrates with milk chocolate, the fast food giant is piping sliced bread full of chocolate-hazelnut spread to create what is essentially a Nutella “burger.”

Only Italians can order this creation, at least for now. The item is not available in the United States. To put the "burger" in context, McDonald's has other country-specific menu items for Italian customers (and the fast food chain tailors its menus to every country it's in), including espresso and filled croissants.


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