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Is This Elyse Myers' Official Facebook Page?

A Facebook page managed by at least one administrator in Pakistan reportedly stole and made money off of a TikTok video creator's content.

Published Mar 8, 2022

Updated Mar 8, 2022
A fake Facebook page for TikTok video creator Elyse Myers appeared to be run from Pakistan. (Facebook)
A fake Facebook page for TikTok video creator Elyse Myers appeared to be run from Pakistan.
TikTok video creator Elyse Myers' official Facebook page is located at facebook.com/Elyse-Myers-107463691756865.

Elyse Myers, a TikTok creator with more than 4 million followers, is available on Facebook at facebook.com/elysemyersofficial. The other page was not operated by Myers and showed at least one administrator who was located in Pakistan. It was removed shortly after we contacted the company's media relations department with questions.

On March 8, 2022, a TikTok video creator with more than 4 million followers named Elyse Myers (@elysemyers) asked for help. In a new video, Myers said that someone was stealing her content and posting all of it to a Facebook page not managed by her.

Minutes after we contacted Facebook's media relations team to inquire about the matter, the fake page appeared to have been removed.

Myers published this video about the ordeal:

Here's what Myers said:

There is somebody stealing my content from Instagram, TikTok, and Patreon. Anything behind a paywall. Literally, anything that is watermarked. They are taking the watermark off and posting it on Facebook to a page that has like 150,000 subscribers.

Nobody at Facebook will listen to me. I'm shaking because I'm so frustrated. They're posting all of my hidden links in my Discord where I'm having casual conversations with people who are paying to have private chats with me. They are stealing all of that and posting it on this Facebook page and then acting as if they are me. 150,000 people think that they are basically talking to me on Facebook, and it's this other person who is benefitting from and profiting from my exclusive and private content, and I need your help.

Please, nobody will listen to me at Facebook. This is not me. This account is not me. This is the content they are stealing from behind my paywall. They get away with it because it says "this is just a fanpage" but they are responding as if they are me, and people do not know this.

Myers also posted the following to her official Facebook page:

Please help me by reporting and unfollowing the page in the link below! My video here explains. But they have been stealing my content from Tiktok and Instagram for months now, removing my watermarks, and charging money for my content. Since I launched Patreon, they have now been stealing and posting my exclusive content within Patreon.

This new content they are stealing from me is behind a paywall which means I’m going to start pushing much harder for Facebook to remove this page.

Please help me by sharing this post!

The fake account that is stealing my content:

The fake page that was labeled as a "fanpage" had 17,692 page likes and 146,422 followers. It's unclear if a large number of the followers were fake accounts. The follower count was much higher than the page's like count, which is unusual compared to what we've found in other investigations we've conducted in the past..

We also noticed that the "Page Transparency" information for the fake page showed at least one administrator that was located in Pakistan.

A fake Facebook page for TikTok video creator Elyse Myers appeared to be run from Pakistan.
On top of being partially operated out of Pakistan, the fake page was also fairly new. The "Page Transparency" tool on Facebook showed that it was created on Nov. 15, 2021. (Source: Facebook)

We reached out to Myers for more details and also contacted Facebook's media relations department directly about the issue. As mentioned, the fake page disappeared only minutes after we contacted the company. This story will be updated if we receive further details.

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Minutes after we contacted Facebook's media relations team and published this story, the fake page that used Myers' content appeared to have been removed.

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