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Health Stats and Eggs

Health statistics regarding eggs confuse bureaucrat and restaurant manager.

Published Oct 14, 2002


Legend:   Health statistics regarding eggs confuse bureaucrat and restaurant manager.

Origins:   Making no claims about this item's veracity, we simply present it as an amusing anecdote which appeared in the Salt Lake Tribune:

The menu at the Coffee Garden at 900 East and 900 South in Salt Lake City has included a scrumptious selection of quiche for about 10 years.

The recipe calls for four fresh eggs for each quiche.



Salt Lake County Health Department inspector paid a visit recently and pointed out that research by the Food and Drug Administration indicates that one in four eggs carries salmonella bacterium, so restaurants should never use more than three eggs when preparing quiche.

The manager on duty wondered aloud if simply throwing out three eggs from each dozen and using the remaining nine in four-egg-quiches would serve the same purpose.

The inspector wasn't sure, but she said she would research it.

This story does sound a bit implausible because quiche isn't made with raw eggs, but with eggs cooked to at least 140°F, more than high enough to kill salmonella bacteria. What health inspector wouldn't know that?

Last updated:   1 January 2005

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