Did Trump Tweet That Drug Testing Will Be Mandatory for Public Benefit Recipients?

A fake tweet attributed to President Trump suggested mandatory drug testing would be imposed on recipients of public assistance.


President Trump tweeted that drug testing would soon be mandatory for all recipients of government assistance.



In January 2017, a screenshot of a tweet purportedly sent by President Donald Trump (pledging “mandatory drug testing” for recipients of public assistance) circulated on social media. The text of the suspiciously undated tweet read “Drug test will be mandatory before receiving anything the government has to offer! We have to clean up these streets!”:

donald trump drug test tweet

Twitter’s advanced search tool returns no results for such a tweet, and the deleted tweet archive Politwoops also has no record of President Trump’s issuing such a statement via Twitter.

Although President Donald Trump has tweeted about drug tests and drug testing in the past, none of those tweets mentioned a connection to qualifying for public assistance:

Given the lack of standard Twitter formatting, and the lack of any attendant news coverage about it (despite all the attention paid to Trump’s Twitter feed by the news media), it’s safe to say this tweet was fabricated and does not represent any statements made by President Trump via Twitter in January 2017.

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