Is This a Real Video of a Man Riding a Hoverboard in Traffic?

The depicted technology is far from affordable at this time.

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A video shows a man riding a drone-powered hoverboard through traffic.
Image via Screencapture / Twitter


A video shows a man riding a drone-powered hoverboard through city traffic.


In April 2021, video of what appeared to be a man riding a hoverboard at night on a street alongside other cars went viral on both Facebook and Twitter:

Based on the similarity of the device in the viral video to prototypes designed by a company named Omni Hoverboards, Snopes concludes that the video is genuine.

In 2017, for example, an official delivered the game ball in a Portuguese soccer match using an on an Omni Hoverboard:

Omni Hoverboard’s website also highlights their product’s capabilities above a pond in this promotional video:

The Omni Hoverboard is not yet available to the general public. Alexandru Duru and Philippe Maalouf, the co-founders of Omni Hoverboards, told TMZ that the company is “very close” to bringing their product to market.

“We are told pricing is still a work in progress, but the 10-propellor model is expected to fetch around $36K,” TMZ reported, adding that the company is interested in selling “an 8-propellor model that could retail for around $27K.”

Because the video shows a device that appears to be an Omni Hoverboard, and because that product is real and capable of performing the feats shown in the video, we conclude the video is authentic.