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Wedding Dress of the Year

Photograph shows bride with a revealing wedding gown?

Published Sept. 24, 2008


Claim:   Photograph shows bride with a revealing wedding gown.

Status:   Undetermined.

Example:   [Collected via e-mail, September 2008]

Wow, can't believe any woman would want to look this trashy on her wedding day!!!

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Variations:   Later versions of e-mail forwards bearing the wedding dress photo were accompanied by a faux wedding invitation:

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Origins:   We don't yet know any of the specifics about this photograph other than it appears to have been taken on Kutuzovsky prospekt in Moscow. It's possible the dress was designed to look as it does in the picture, or it's possible that the dress was of a more modest design but the combination of a well-endowed bride and an insufficiently supportive top produced a "wardrobe malfunction" effect.

Either way, the bride pictured above isn't the only one who has displayed a similar "feature":

Last updated:   24 September 2008

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