Donald Trump: Utah Is a ‘Boring, Small State’ with ‘Strange People’

A tweet purportedly issued by Donald Trump making disparaging comments about Utah is a fake.

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Donald Trump issued a tweet making disparaging comments about Utah.
I've seen a deleted August 10 Donald Trump tweet floating around the internet calling Utah strange. He said something along the lines of "Do you think Crooked Hillary Clinton can get help in Utah from Loser Mitt Romney? Who cares anyway? Strange people, strange state, Doesn't matter" Is that a real tweet or did someone make it up?
Collected via Email, August 2016



An image purportedly showing a tweet sent out by Donald Trump on 10 August 2016 in which the Republican presidential nominee made disparaging comments about the people of Utah has been circulated on Twitter:

trump twitter tweet

However, the above-displayed tweet was not posted by Donald Trump. 

For starters, it does not appear on his Twitter timeline. Although some viewers claimed that Trump deleted this message shortly after posting it, this is highly unlikely: the original was supposedly retweeted close to 1,000 times, yet there are no links to that initial tweet.

Furthermore, genuine tweets from the @RealDonaldTrump Twitter account are accompanied by a blue verified symbol. Although this symbol can be digitally added into fake tweets, as was the case with a recent fake Tim Kaine tweet, there’s no reason for someone to digitally remove this symbol from a genuine tweet.

It’s likely that this image was created with a web site such as, which allows users to easily fabricate fake tweets:

fake trump tweet