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Trump/Pence Logo Taken from 'T Laying P Ranch'

Donald Trump and Mike Pence did not steal their campaign logo from the Nevada brothel "T Laying P Ranch."

Published Jul 18, 2016

Image Via Instagram
Donald Trump and Mike Pence did not steal their campaign logo from a Nevada brothel.

In July 2016, a new logo representing GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump and designated running-mate Mike Pence was shared in a fundraising e-mail from the Make America Great Again Committee:

The logo was widely mocked on social media for its vaguely sexual nature (the "T" looks like it is penetrating the "P"), including via the Twitter account @memeGOP, which held that the logo was taken from a Nevada brothel known as the "T Laying P Ranch."

The photograph used in the tweet did not show a Nevada brothel, however. Many television viewers recognized it as depicting the entrance to the Southfork Ranch in Texas that was popularized by the long-running television series Dallas:

southfork ranch

According to Time magazine, the Republican presidential team may have already ditched their interlocking "T and P" logo altogether, as it was absent from the most recent round of fundraising emails.

Dan Evon is a former writer for Snopes.

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