A Fake Tweet from Donald Trump

A viral anti-immigration tweet purportedly issued by Donald Trump is a fake.

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Donald Trump tweeted that his "grandparents didn't come to America" to see the country taken over by immigrants.
Did Donald Trump say the following? "My grandparents didn't come all the way to America from Germany just to see it taken over by immigrants.  Not on my watch."
Collected via Email, December 2015



In December 2015, Facebook users began sharing a quote, purportedly from Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, about his immigrant grandparents and his anti-immigration stance:

trump grandparents

While it’s true that Trump’s grandfather Frederick Trump emigrated from Germany to the United States, and that Trump the candidate has made immigration reform a central plank of his platform the above-displayed quote was not uttered by Donald Trump.

The quote first appeared on the twitter account @McDonaldJTrump on 6 September 2015:

donald trump

This tweet issued from a Donald Trump parody account and not Trump’s real Twitter account, as is clearly stated in the bio associated with the former:

I will make America great again because I myself am great. The J in my name does NOT stand for Joke. Also I have really great hair. I’m not Donald J. Trump.