A video report from CNN shows Donald Trump purchasing a car and two children. See Example( s )

Collected via Email, October 2016

Video on facebook shows Mr. Trump buying a womam's car, then her two kids still in the back seat, he buys them too. Then the kids are scared, so he gives them a check too so the wont be scared.




On 18 October 2016, a video was posted to YouTube that purportedly showed a CNN report about Donald Trump purchasing a car — and two children:

This video never aired on CNN, and Donald Trump did not purchase these children (or, presumably, any other).  The original video has been circulating since at least August 2015, and featured Trump in a comedy skit. While we have not been able to identify the exact source of this video, audience laughter can be heard at several points, indicating that this was a sketch on a Saturday Night Live type of show:

It’s also false that CNN aired the video as an actual news story. The big giveaway here is that the “CNN” video uses audio from an unrelated story. The “bombshell” mentioned by the off-screen reporter wasn’t Trump’s alleged purchase of two children, but video of Trump making lewd remarks about women to Billy Bush, who at the time was a host on “Access Hollywood”:

If Trump (or anybody else) were to purchase children, it is extremely unlikely that the process would be accompanied by a laugh track.

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