Dollar Tree Closing All Stores?

Neither Dollar Tree, Family Dollar, nor Dollar General is closing all their stores, despite a widespread rumor on social media.

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Dollar General, Family Dollar, or Dollar Tree is closing all stores.



In September 2017, prank news generator React365 featured a brief item claiming Dollar Tree would close all stores on 1 October:

dollar tree to close all stores oct 2017

This is a corporate decision,all employees will be paid their wages until Dec.24th. Spokesman said “we are just losing money too fast by selling so cheap. Read more by clicking the link

As screenshots and shares of the rumor spread, many conflated Dollar Tree with competitors Family Dollar or Dollar General, causing confusion about which chain of low-price retail stores was purportedly closing. Regardless, React365 is a prank generator that allows users to fabricate their own phony headlines for sharing on social media:

A garbled disclaimer displayed on the footer of each page explains that none of its content is to be taken seriously:

The closure of Dollar Tree (or Dollar General or Family Dollar stores) would have rated top billing in business news sections, but no such development was reported in September 2017 or at any other time.

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