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Photographs juxtapose human and canine evacuees from New Orleans?

Published Sep 22, 2005

Claim:   Photograph shows dogs evacuated from the Gulf region after Hurricane Katrina.

Status:   True.

Example:   [Collected via e-mail, 2005]

Katrina Dogs Fly First Class

A reason to SMILE! - The plane is carrying nothing but animals that were rescued from the Gulf region!!

Origins:   In the weeks since Hurricane Katrina hit, hundreds of lost or abandoned pets from the Gulf region have been evacuated and flown to animal shelters around the U.S. where they can be cared for until they are reunited with their previous owners or adopted by new ones.

The picture displayed above, taken by photographer Carolyn Cole, captures one such evacuation in progess, although it shows dogs being transported by bus rather than airplane. The image was published by the Los Angeles Times on 1 September 2005, with a caption describing it thusly: "Over 150 dogs and other animals were evacuated from an animal hospital after their owners had left town without them."

The same photograph was carried by the Baltimore Sun, which often reprints material from the Los Angeles Times.

Last updated:   22 September 2005


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