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Does This Photo Capture a Skull-Like Face in the Clouds?

If you think this is scary, you ought to check out some of Iron Maiden's album covers.

Published Sep 23, 2019

A photograph shows a skull-like cloud formation above California.

One of the more common "face in the clouds" images that circulate on social media is the following picture, which seemingly captures an evil, grinning, skull-like countenance said to have appeared in the sky in any one of a number of various locales.

Even viewers who aren't well-versed in digital editing can spot this image for what it is, particularly if they're heavy metal fans — the macabre visage supposedly glimpsed in the clouds and captured on film was directly lifted from the cover illustration for Iron Maiden's 2000 album, "Brave New World":

The album's title was taken from the famous 1932 dystopian Aldous Huxley novel, and the sky portion of its cover art was created by artist Derek Riggs.


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