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A New Restaurant at Walt Disney World Gives Guests a 'Space' Adventure

If you're lucky, you might see a lightsaber battle.

Published Sep 26, 2021

 (Screenshot, Theme Park Express Twitter page)
Image Via Screenshot, Theme Park Express Twitter page
A new restaurant at Walt Disney World's EPCOT Center lets diners have an outer space-like experience.

A restaurant that opened at Walt Disney World's EPCOT Center in September 2021 gives diners a galactic experience.

The restaurant, Space 220, opened on Sept. 20, 2021, and had long lines of guests hoping to eat there, the Disney park news site WDW News Today reported. Its website states that you can dine there by walk-in only until Sept. 26, but starting Sept. 27, 2021, guests can make reservations.

The restaurant allows guests to ride up a "Stellarvator," an elevator equipped with visual effects that look like you're ascending through the clouds until you're 220 miles above Earth, to the fictional the Centauri Space Station. True to Disney form, an employee tells guests the lift is traveling 10,000 miles an hour, while audio of radio chatter is piped inside.

Peter Sciretta and Kitra Remick, who run the travel YouTube channel Ordinary Adventures, waited in line to eat at Space 220 on the day it opened, and walked their audience through the process, which started with a boarding pass. After riding the Stellarvator, guests walk through an airlock, Employees greet them by saying, "welcome to space."

Once inside the dining area, the view is, of course, outer space, and Earth's surface. But other space-themed things can be seen out the windows (which are, of course, not windows but screens), including astronauts and spaceships.

Eagle-eyed guests dining at the restaurant might be lucky to catch a lightsaber battle on one of the screens.

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