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Disney DVD Replacement Program

Will Disney replace damaged or broken DVDs for a small fee?

Published Jul 18, 2012

Claim:   Disney will replace damaged or broken DVDs for a small fee.


Example:   [Collected via e-mail, July 2012]

I saw a pin on Pinterest that stated Disney would replace any DVD of their movies if scratched or broken. So you don't have to purchase a brand new one. Is this true?


Origins:   For years, Disney did indeed replace broken or otherwise damaged DVDs of its own movies without requiring consumers to purchase new copies of those discs, although the replacements were not quite free of charge. As explained on Disney's DVD Help Center page, owners of damaged Disney DVDs needed only fill out and send in the Walt Disney Studios Distribution's (WDSD) Blu-ray and DVD Disc Replacement Form along with the damaged disc and "a nominal charge of $6.95 for per DVD and $8.95 for per Blu-ray disc" to obtain replacements:

How does your Disc Replacement Program work?

If you accidentally damage or break one of your DVD or Blu-ray discs, you can get a replacement for a nominal charge of $6.95 for per DVD and $8.95 for per Blu-ray disc.

Please send the damaged disc(s), a check or money order for $6.95 per DVD disc and $8.95 per Blu-ray disc (made payable to WDSD) and a completed Disc Replacement Form to:

WDSD Consumer Relations
Attn: Disc Replacement Program
P.O. Box 3100
Neenah, WI 54957


Disney was not the only studio to provide such a service to customers. Universal Studios Home Entertainment still offers a similar replacement program through an online form on its web site. Other studios have similar replacement programs but don't advertise them on their web sites; consumers should contact the home entertainment departments of those studios by e-mail or telephone to inquire about DVD replacement policies.

As of February 2016, Disney's DVD replacement service is no longer available.

Last updated:   6 February 2016

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