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Missing Child: Devon Ward

A 14-year-old boy named Devon Ward who went missing from his Horseheads, New York, home has been found safe.

Published April 17, 2013

A 14-year-old boy named Devon Ward is missing from his Horseheads, New York, home.

My son Devon Ward never came home from school today. He skipped his last class after lunch, and nobody's heard from him since. Cell phone is going right to voice mail. He is 14, about 5 foot 7, and probably wearing a black jacket. If everyone shares this on their pages, i am sure we will find someone who saw him this afternoon /evening or know his current whereabouts... call 607-358-5055.

According to Binghamton, New York, radio station WHWK:

Lisa Davis of Horseheads is searching for her 14 year old son Devon Ward who she says may be on his way to Pennsylvania.

According to Lisa, Devon skipped his last class after lunch at Horseheads High School [on April 17] and hasn't been heard from since.

Lisa says her husband checked the local hospital and notified both village police and New York State Troopers of their son's disappearance.

Devon is said to be about 5 foot 7 and most likely wearing a black jacket.

When I asked Lisa whether she believed there were a chance that her son had decided to simply run away, she said her son isn't the type of kid to just run away, but that she was told he might be headed to Pennsylvania.

I spoke the the Chemung County Sheriff's Office who confirmed that this is an active case. They referred me to Horseheads Police Department where I was told Devon's case is a State Police case. I spoke with Trooper Lewis at the State Police office who didn't divulge any information but confirmed that Devon has been reported missing and that State Troopers are on the case.

If you've seen Devon Ward or know where he is, please contact the New York State Troopers at 607-739-8797.

On the evening of 18 April 2013, Devon's mother indicated on her Facebook page that Devon had been located safe:

We found Devon. He is safe and sound at the police barracks in Horseheads. Thank you to everyone who helped spread the word. We greatly appreciate all the help and support. We have such a wonderful community!! Please share the status, so that people know he's been found.


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