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Razor Blades Found in Playground Equipment

Razor blades were discovered glued to playground equipment in a public park.

Published March 24, 2014


Claim:   Razor blades were discovered glued to playground equipment in a public park.


Example:   [Collected via e-mail, March 2014]

Razor blades glued to playground equipment to hurt children?


Origins:   As depicted in the photographs displayed above, on 24 March 2014 a 2-year-old child received minor injuries while playing in an Illinois public playground, with the cause of his injuries determined to be a series of razor blades that someone had maliciously glued to the children's equipment in that playground:

Less than a week after the first day of spring began bringing children to Quad-City parks, a 2-year-old boy was injured with a cut on his hand from razor blades that had been glued to playground equipment in an East Moline park.

The boy's father treated him at home, and went with police to Millennium Park, where they say they found and removed around a dozen razor blades on the monkey bars, a slide and on the ground, glued onto park equipment with a white, putty-like substance.

Police spent several hours searching the city's other 15 parks.

Officers discovered another incident of vandalism at a nearby park, but Foltz said he was not sure if the two were related.

Foltz said police weren't sure how long the razor blades were there. He also had no information on a possible suspect or suspects.

Officers removed the razor blades and collected other evidence, Capt. John Reynolds said.

Last updated:   24 March 2014


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