Claim:   Dakota Lamb’s hair was cut by bullies on a bus.


Example:   [Collected via e-mail, January 2013]

PLEASE DONT IGNORE!!!!! PLEASE READ AND SHARE. this is what happened to my cousin’s daughter on friday on her bus ride home from school. im asking everyone’s for help hit like on her story and share this in hopes of getting her story out there to help it get noticed so something will be done about it.

My 7 year old daughter has been getting bullied on the bus (GO AHEAD bus company) as well as on the school grounds at St. Louis Charter School (SLCS). I am so sickened that nothing has been done about any of the bullying on their end, and I’m simply fed up. My child, Dakota Lamb, came home from school today and I noticed that the entire back of her hair had been drastically chopped with the shortest layer being about an inch from her scalp at the top of her head. I am so livid that my child was assaulted by a deadly weapon when the 4th-8th grade students (yes, that’s plural) took scissors to her head on a moving bus while picking on her. Please help us put an end to the violence and bullying in this school. I want everyone to know the wrongs that are not being righted in this school and on the buses of this bus company!!


Origins:   In January 2013 Brianna Lamb, the mother of 7-year-old Dakota Lamb, reported to police that her daughter had been hit in the stomach and her hair forcibly cut while she was riding on a school bus, events which she maintains are just the latest in a string of bullying incidents targeting her daughter:

The mother of a 7-year-old girl has had enough of the bullying on her daughter’s school bus. Following a recent incident, Brianna Lamb has decided to go to the police.

Lamb said the bullying happened while her daughter Dakota was

on a bus from St. Louis Charter School.

The fact that the bus was moving made the situation not only wrong, but dangerous, she said. Unfortunately for Dakota, the hair cut wasn’t all she endured.

“I asked her what happened and some of the other older students on the bus had taken scissors to the back of her hair after hitting her in the stomach a couple times,” Lamb said.

The mother immediately called police and filed a report.

Lamb said this is only the latest in a series of incidents with older students harassing her daughter.

“She’s trying to take it day by day but she’s emotional and distraught,” Lamb said. “She was seven years old and her hair was her life, and she’s really upset these kids were hateful to her.”

Exactly what took place remains to be determined, as the bus company involved said there were no cameras on the vehicle to record in the incident, and police are “still sorting out the details”:

Last updated:   22 January 2013


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