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Did UK Conservatives Vow to 'Cut All Homeless People in Half'?

A laudable goal ... that is, if worded right.

Published Jul 22, 2019

 (Foka Wolf/Instagram)
Image Via Foka Wolf/Instagram
UK Conservatives posted signs vowing they would "cut all homeless people in half' by 2025.

In mid-July 2019, social media users began seeing a purported photograph of a sign on public transport bearing the logo of the UK Conservative Party (also known the Conservative and Unionist Party, or simply the "Tories") and bearing a legend reading, "We plan to cut all homeless people in half by 2025":

The presumed interpretation of the sign was that the party meant to express they would succeed in addressing the vexing social issue of homelessness to the extent of reducing the number of homeless people by half within six years, but someone phrased that thought poorly and inadvertently produced a hilarious (and cynical) gaffe.

However, this wasn't a genuine political sign created by a hapless (if well-intentioned) party functionary. It was the work of a street artist who goes by the name of Foka Wolf on Instagram, self-identifies as a "Professional Gobshite," and has posted other similar signs lampooning UK conservatives:


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Tory party people cull... ??? #tory #toryparty #conservatives @conservatives

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