Bulgarian couples meet in an unexpected encounter.

Claim:   Bulgarian adulterers encounter their spouses who, by coincidence, were up to the same thing.

Status:   Undetermined.

Origins:   This is too good a story not to tell (even if I’m still not sure I believe it). As the wire services reported it in 1995:

A married man and his lover who stole away to a vacation cottage

for a romantic evening without their spouses made an unwelcome discovery when they paid a social call on neighbors.

Hearing lively music in a nearby house, the lovers decided to take some wine and join the party. Inside, they found their own wife and husband locked in an adulterous embrace, Bulgaria’s 24 Hours daily reported.

The two unfaithful wives hurled themselves at each other, screaming abuse. Their embarrassed husbands intervened when the women tried to attack each other with hoes. After much recrimination, each man accompanied his own wife home to a chorus of cheers from amused onlookers.

The two couples, who live in Shoumen in northeast Bulgaria, had befriended each other last summer at a Black Sea resort, the newspaper said. None of the four had known of the partner’s adulterous affair before last week’s encounter.

Barbara “addled-dultery” Mikkelson

Last updated:   24 February 2006


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