illusion profile

Claim: The markings on a cow’s face resemble two people in profile.

Example: [Collected via Reddit, October 2015]

Two faces on a cow face.

Origins: An image purportedly showing a cow with a unique facial marking resembling a famous optical illusion involving two people viewed in profile (or a lamp) began recirculating online after it was posted to the web site Reddit on 4 November 2015. While the image was based on an authentic photograph of a cow, the picture was an altered one created for the web site’s “Illusions” Photoshop contest in 2007. 

The original picture was taken in 2005 by photographer Fleur Suijten:

cow face

Several digitally altered images created for the web site have been passed around the Internet as authentic over the years, such as a purported photograph of the world’s smallest cat, pictures of giant human skeletons, and an image of a zippered tongue.

Last updated: 4 November 2015

Originally published: 4 November 2015

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