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Christopher Bedgood

A boy named Christopher Bedgood, who is suffering from cancer, wants to receive Christmas cards?

Published Dec 9, 2008

Claim:   A boy named Christopher Bedgood, who is suffering from cancer, wants to receive Christmas cards.


Example:   [Collected via e-mail, December 2008]

I would like to give everyone the opportunity to make a wish come true this holiday season for a wonderful little boy. This special little boy's name is Christopher Bedgood and he has a rare form of Cancer. They have been trying to make some things happen through Make A Wish Foundation and other agencies, but this sweet little boy's only wish was to get as many Christmas cards as he possibly could. His family has already begun decorating for an early Christmas since that was his wish. He is not expected to live past Christmas. Please pass along this information to your teams, volunteers, family and co-workers.

You can send the cards to Christopher in care of the ACS office.

That address is:

Christopher Bedgood
C/O American Cancer Society
804 Cherry Street
Macon, GA 31201

What a great project for school children, Sunday school classes and a great team builder to do with your co-workers.

Let's see if we can make this little boys wish come true. If you have a question, please contact

Brenda Haulik at the American Cancer Society -
(478) 743-6391 ext. 222


Origins:   We've tracked this appeal for Christmas cards for a cancer-stricken boy named Christopher Bedgood through sources such as the American Cancer Society and radio station WQZY in Dublin, Georgia (the latter has been spreading the word and collecting Christmas cards for Christopher), and we've learned from them that there is a six-year-old boy by that name in Warner Robins, Georgia, who is suffering from cancer.

However, we've also been told by the American Cancer Society contact listed above (and other sources) that the family has been inundated with cards and has requested that no more of them be sent to Christopher:

Although the child does indeed exist and does have cancer, this was not his wish. The family has received over a million Christmas Cards already. The mother is asking that no more cards be sent. The family appreciates the support, but she said it's just too heartbreaking to receive the cards.

Christopher's family asks that rather than send him more Christmas cards, we all keep him in our prayers.

Last updated:   11 December 2008

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