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Did This Dutch Politician Put a Grilled Cheese Sandwich in His Pocket Before an Interview?

Some people have trouble distinguishing iSandwiches from the real thing.

Published Mar 18, 2017

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A video shows Dutch politician Tunahan Kuzu putting a grilled cheese in his pocket before an interview.

A video purportedly showing Dutch politician Tunahan Kuzu putting a grilled cheese in his pocket was circulated on social media in March 2017: 

Dutch politician putting a grilled cheese sandwich in his pocket?

The above-displayed clip is real. However, it does not show Tunahan hastily putting a grilled cheese sandwich in the inside pocket of his suit as he was approached by a camera crew. Kuzu explained that the object was actually a phone in a unique case:

"It's not a sandwich I hideaway, but a phone case," says Kuzu. "My cousin works in a phone shop. I got these phones from him. Apparently it seems from a distance to be a sandwich, but it's just a case for my iPhone."

We took a closer look at the footage and it appears that Kuzu is telling the truth. We found no evidence of melted cheese or bite marks:

Kuzu also attempted to put an end to #tosigate by giving social media users a closer look at his "grilled cheese" iPhone on Twitter:


RTL Nieuws.   "DENK-leider Kuzu schept duidelijkheid: 'Ik stop geen tosti in mijn pakl.'"     17 March 2017.

Dan Evon is a former writer for Snopes.

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