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Postcards for Terminally Ill Boy Named Charlie Codling

Charlie Codling, a 4-year-old boy with a terminal brain tumor, wants postcards?

Published May 19, 2012

Claim:   Charlie Codling, a 4-year-old boy with a terminal brain tumor, wants postcards.


Example:   [Collected via e-mail, May 2012]

Hi everyone: I was just hoping I could get your help with something. Some friends of a friend have found out that their 4 year old son, Charlie, is suffering from a terminal brain tumour, and has only a few months to live. The family’s top priority is to make Charlie’s last days as memorable as possible. One of the things Charlie absolutely loves is receiving post, and he always rushes out to collect the post each morning. As such, his parents have started a postcard campaign, and are asking as many people as possible to send a postcard to Charlie, with just a simple, cheerful message on it. (Please do not mention his illness or include get well wishes.) If you are able to do this, it would really make a difference for Charlie and would be a great help and support for his parents during this difficult time.

Thank you very much. I’m really hoping this request will mean there are a few more postcards arriving at Charlie’s door.

A friend had this posted on her wall,take a moment and make a little boy smile for just a little while.



Origins:   This appeal to send postcards to a terminally ill four-year-old boy named Charlie Codling began circulating via social media in May 2012. Charlie is indeed a real boy with the condition described, as noted in an April 2012 announcement describing the Bracknell Hornets' agreeing to play a charity match to raise money for his support:

The Bracknell Hornets have agreed to play the newly promoted Solent & Gosport Devils in a challenge match on the 29 April to raise money for the Soldiers Sailors Airmen Forces Association (SSAFA) charity and to support 4 year old Charlie Codling.

SSAFA is one of the UK's leading Armed Forces charities they provide practical, financial and emotional support to anyone who is currently serving or has served in the Army, Navy or RAF, and their families. Each year, they support more than 50,000 people in the Armed Forces community, because they believe that their bravery, dedication and commitment deserve a lifetime of support.

In addition to SSAFA the game will raise money for local boy 4 year old Charlie Codling who has an inoperable brain tumour and has to undergo steroid and radio therapy treatment which his parents refer to as his "Magic Sleep", their family motto is "Find Something Wonderful in Every Day". This has touched the hearts of all at Solent & Gosport and with your assistance this game will help raise as much as possible for all concerned.

However, as has happened with so many other similar appeals, the family has since been overwhelmed with responses and requests that no more cards be sent to them.

Last updated:   19 May 2012

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