Is Celine Dion a Las Vegas Knights Fan?

Two NHL teams are fighting over the fandom of the "My Heart Will Go On" singer.

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Celine Dion was photographed wearing Las Vegas Knights gear.



Where do Celine Dion’s NHL loyalties lie? Since the singer was born in Quebec, Canada, it would seem reasonable to assume that she would support the Montreal Canadiens in the NHL playoff. But Dion now takes up residency in Las Vegas where she frequently performs, so maybe she supports the Las Vegas Knights. 

On June 21, 2021, the Knights attempted to answer this question when they displayed a picture of Dion in their team’s gear on the Jumbotron at center ice. At least that’s how it seemed:

This is not a genuine image of Dion wearing a Las Vegas Knights helmet. 

It was created by doctoring a photo of Dion that was taken for her 2007 album “Taking Chances.” Here’s a look at the fake Knights image (left) and the 2007 photo (right):

Dion has also addressed this controversy on social media. The singer wrote (translated via Twitter): “Happy Saint-Jean-Baptiste to all Quebecers. I embrace you and wish you a happy national day! By the way, I have nothing to do with this photo…. And you know what photo I’m talking about!”

We can only assume that the Knights created this image in order to taunt their NHL playoff opponents. The taunt may have backfired, however, as the Canadiens defeated the Knights in 6 games to advance to the Stanley Cup playoffs.