The beginning of a couple’s life together as husband and wife marks an important turning point in each of their lives, but the event is also seen as having a happy impact on the rest of society. A new family is created out of what moments earlier were two independent entities, and that’s magic. The happy couple’s passage through the portal to married life somehow reaffirms all that’s right and good in the world, even to the non-participants. Both weddings and the subsequent carryings-on of newlyweds fascinate us. Considering the importance of the ceremony itself and our paternal interest in the newly married, it’s no wonder so many nuptial and newlywed stories have worked their way into lore.

Wedding Rings A discussion of lore and superstition surrounding wedding rings.
Wedding Rings
Manured Bride Jilted lover upends bucket of wet manure onto bride.
Manured Bride
Rubber Made Groom's indiscretion with a bachelor party stripper is revealed by his failure to remove the...
Rubber Made
Our First Fight The dark side of the 'feeding each other cake' custom.
Our First Fight
Avenging Bride or Groom Bride or groom walks out of wedding after announcing that the new spouse has been...
Avenging Bride or Groom
Wedding Veil A discussion of lore and superstition surrounding the bridal veil.
Wedding Veil
Crossing the Threshold A discussion of the wedding custom of carrying the bride across the threshold.
Crossing the Threshold
Wedding Shoes A discussion of lore and superstition surrounding weddings and shoes.
Wedding Shoes
Smock Weddings A discussion of lore and superstition surrounding smock weddings.
Smock Weddings