Good fortune, a big break, hidden treasure, easy money — we create a great many tales expressing our optimistic fantasies that these things may come our way at any moment. Although sometimes they do, we also have to be wary that Lady Luck is a capricious spirit, and stunning reversals of fortune are just as possible.

A Tip for Education Did an 18-year-old waitress in Texas receive a $1,000 tip to help fund her education?
A Tip for Education
Voided Ticket Lottery Win A lottery ticket that would have won $30 million was voided because the buyer didn't...
Voided Ticket Lottery Win
Royally Screwed Video poker player dealt a royal flush loses his jackpot because he failed to hold...
Royally Screwed
Chain Letters A discussion of the history and various types of chain letters.
Chain Letters
Fowl Play Long-standing "unwinnable bet" legend holds that it's impossible to eat a quail a day for...
Fowl Play