The standard range of human endeavors has already provided us with plenty of urban legends, and when we consider the arena of love we find fertile ground indeed. This powerful emotion provokes us to engage in some rather unusual activities as we pursue the objects of our romantic desires, and it leads us to the heights of creativity in finding ways to get back at those who have betrayed our affections.

porsche revenge
The $50 Porsche Did a woman sell her partner's expensive new car for $50 after he ran off...
The $50 Porsche
Is January the Break-up Month? Divorce attorneys have long acknowledged January and February are among their most bountiful months for...
Is January the Break-up Month?
Poopy Pants A tale of a first date from hell involving a messed pair of pants, a...
Poopy Pants
Post-It Murder Abandoned wife receives a diet advice ad and kills her husband's girlfriend.
Post-It Murder
Sink Used as Toilet A young woman on a date who is too timid to ask where the toilet...
Sink Used as Toilet
long distance bill revenge
Long Distance Bill Revenge Woman gets revenge on former boyfriend by calling long-distance number and leaving his phone off...
Long Distance Bill Revenge
Condom Plugged Toilet Plumber discovers backed-up pipe is clogged with condoms, although the husband doesn't use them.
Condom Plugged Toilet