The very tool we use to communicate urban legends to each other — language — is itself a source of folklore. A number of the words and phrases in use today have interesting origins that have almost become obscured in the mists of time. Equally, our sense of romance leads us to invent unusual origins for commonplace words rather than be satisfied with their mundane beginnings.

Etymology of Buck Does use of the word 'buck' as a slang term for 'dollar' derive from a...
Etymology of Buck
Looking up the etymology of phat
Etymology of ‘Phat’ Does "phat" come from an acronym formed from "Pretty Hot And Tempting"?
Etymology of ‘Phat’
Stack of newspapers showing News header
Etymology of ‘News’ The English word 'news' is said to derive from an acronym formed from the words...
Etymology of ‘News’
Etymology of the ‘F-Word’ Did the word 'fuck' originate as an acronym of the phrase 'for unlawful carnal knowledge'?
Etymology of the ‘F-Word’