Inboxer Rebellion

Every day we’re bombarded with e-mail of dubious origin and even more dubious veracity: messages that plead with us to find a missing kid or help a sick child, sign a petition to right some terrible injustice, take a stand on an important piece of pending legislation, forward a message to claim free merchandise, or take heed of the latest computer virus. The messages that aren’t outright hoaxes are often full of misinformation, and even the ones that have some truth to them are usually out-of-date by the time we receive them. This is the place where the inboxer rebellion begins! The categories below should help you locate and identify whether that piece of e-mail you’ve received is a hoax, the truth, or something in between.

Tow truck
Holiday Safe Ride Program AAA affiliates in some areas offer a free towing service during the holidays for motorists...
Holiday Safe Ride Program
Free JetBlue Tickets Scam "Any contest or sweepstakes JetBlue runs would be hosted on an official JetBlue channel."
Free JetBlue Tickets Scam